Hello fellow skaters!

The Fools On Ice Committee would like to start off with a huge thank you for all the support for our tournament and helping encourage an atmosphere of good wholesome FUN with all the ladies we love to play hockey with and against. We couldn't continue this tournament without you!

We would like anyone and everyone's feed back on an item for this upcoming tournament. 

Please share and forward to anyone.


We would like your feedback offering an OPEN division allowing competitive ladies to put in a team that is not ranked?

This division would require a total of 4 teams. We are considering opening this division's registration for November 1st, 2016, to allow for enough time for ladies to compile their skaters and collect enough money for a required deposit of $500.00. This deposit is refundable only if this division cannot field the full 4 teams by December 25th, 2016. Registration for all other divisions will be January 1st, 2017.

The reason for this correspondence is because in the past years we have had serious conflicts because we haven't been able to field enough teams that can skate at a truly competitive balanced level and we've had to decline teams to sign up as a whole or have had non-balanced divisions.


Your feedback is imperative to our decision to offer this OPEN division.

Please send any and all thoughts back ASAP.

Thanks again for your continued support!

2017 Fools On Ice Committee

2016 Fools on Ice Division Winners:

Orange Division: LA Chill

Green Division: Kenai-Navy

Red Division: Hawkinson

Blue Division: Hockey Hos

Purple Division: Walk Ons

Thanks everyone for a great weekend!

We would like if you would please 
fill out our survey by April 4th, 2016:


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